"We Are Aliens From Outer Space..."

"We Are Aliens From Outer Space..."

My husband loves these more than my kids do. They made him roll on the floor laughing early in the morning. Even my daughter, who never eats breakfast, happily ate these up.


Wiener sausages
As many as you want to make
Black sesame seeds
2x the number of sausages
as needed


1. Make cuts into the sausages. If you don't want to bother too much with the mouths, just make a straight cut.
2. Pan fry the sausages in a frying pan with a little oil. The straight hands and legs will spread out in the heat. When the sausages are nicely cooked, take them out of the pan.
3. Make holes for the eyes with a blunt end of a toothpick. Once you poke in sesame seeds in the eye holes, they are done.
4. I also made skinny aliens out of sausages sliced in half lengthwise, for the kids.
5. The aliens invaded my son's bento. It's been a while since I've made these. I put some in my husband's bento too, and he said, "Our eyes met..."

Story Behind this Recipe

These are decoratively cut wiener sausages. The other day my daughter was in a really bad mood during breakfast and wasn't touching her food at all, so I made these to cheer her up.