Colorful 10-Minute Vegetables Glacés in the Microwave

Colorful 10-Minute Vegetables Glacés in the Microwave

You can make easy 3-color glazed vegetable side dish in the microwave!!
During that time, be sure to make a delicious main dish.

Ingredients: 4-5 side dishes

1 medium
Corn kernels (canned or frozen)
100 g
Green beans (frozen is fine)
100 g
Butter (or margarine)
2 cubes
Hot water, cold water, or corn juice
enough to cover vegetables
2 tablespoons
Soup stock granules (Consomme bouillon powder)
1 tablespoon
Salt and pepper
a small amount


1. Chop the carrots into halved round slices and the green beans into 3 or 4 cm pieces, then put into a heat resistant container.
2. Add the flavoring and water, cover with a lid (or wrap), and microwave for 10 minutes.
3. Recipe ID: 829660 "Baked Potatoes with your Microwave and Oven Toaster" and you've got 4 finished warm vegetables.

Story Behind this Recipe

I almost always make this when we're having hamburgers or steak. While you're using the microwave for your baked potato (Recipe ID: 829660), prepare your vegetables for glazing. Then you can use the heat resistant container to microwave the glazed vegetables while the potato is in the toaster oven, so that you will have 4 vegetable sides ready at about the same time.