Chips made with just chicken skin!!!

Chips made with just chicken skin!!!

You'll be able to eat these even if you hate chicken skin.
They're crispy and spicy, and taste just like the skin of fried chicken. My 6th grader eats 5 of them in one go! I changed the title.


Chicken skin
As much as you like
Salt and pepper
As much as you like
Curry powder or shichimi spice
To taste


1. Spread out 1-2 pieces of chicken skin as shown in the photo, wrap in plastic wrap, and freeze. I saved up about 7 skins this time.
2. Cut the frozen skin into 1-2cm width strips. Make use of the lever theory. It's frozen, so it shouldn't be sticky and unpleasant to handle.
3. Place into a fluorine-coated flan pan, and cook on medium. No oil is needed.
4. The skin should start to turn golden brown after about 5 minutes.
5. It will produce a lot of fat while cooking. The grease will spatter if too much accumulates, so occasionally remove the grease with a paper towel. It'll be like deep frying, so remove it moderately.
6. After 10 minutes, they should be almost done. If you prefer the skin to be chewy, then stop here; otherwise, keep going.
7. They should be just about ready after 15 minutes.
8. Blot the excess grease with a paper towel, and sprinkle with lots of salt and pepper. It's also great with curry powder, shichimi spice, or wasabi to taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

I found out that my friend's husband hates chicken skin, so I uploaded this recipe.