Pickled Garden Radish

Pickled Garden Radish

This recipe calls for slicing and pickling garden radishes. It's a fast method of pickling, so there's no pre-seasoning and they can be eaten the same day.


Garden radishes (washed and stems removed)
300 g
45 ml
18 g (~22 g)
3.5 g
Ziploc bag (small)


1. Wash and remove the leaves from the garden radishes. Slice into thin 1-2 mm rounds. (Cutting along the grain.)
2. Add the pickling ingredients marked with ◇ to a bowl.
3. Put the pickling ingredients and the garden radish in a resealable plastic (Ziploc) bag. Remove the air, seal, and refrigerate for half a day (or more).

Story Behind this Recipe

These have a nice, deep flavor despite not being prepared prior to pickling. The recipe amounts give you a result that is not too sweet or too sour!