A Great Dessert For Bentos! Wobbly Milk Jelly

A Great Dessert For Bentos! Wobbly Milk Jelly

This dessert is really easy. You can make it in no time.
You'll enjoy its mild and milky flavour!


200 g
30 g
Gelatin powder
5 g
Canned fruit of your choice
as needed (chill beforehand)


1. Put milk, sugar, and gelatin powder in a pot.
2. I place the pot on a scale, then add the ingredients.
3. Turn on the heat, stir the mixture from Step 1 with a spatula, and dissolve the sugar and gelatin.
4. Pour the mixture into a container. If you want to make this even better, strain the mixture during Step 3, which will give it a smoother texture.
5. When the jelly has cooled down a bit, refrigerate until chilled. (When you are short on time, cool over a bowl of ice-cold water, then refrigerate.)
6. When it's set and become jiggly, gently cut with a knife into cubes.
7. Pour canned fruit with syrup over the cubes from Step 6 and gently mix to finish.
8. When you want to add this to a bento, you can prepare in advance by filling 1/2 a container with fruit and syrup and freezing.
9. Place the milk jelly cubes on top of the frozen container from Step 8. The fruit will thaw by lunch time, making it a perfect cold dessert! Don't forget to pack a spoon!

Story Behind this Recipe

You can make this in no time when you don't have fresh fruit, but you want to add a dessert to a bento lunch box!