Strawberry Dream

Strawberry Dream

This is a sponge cake where the dome is decorated with a lot of strawberries. This cake is for my second child who is approaching six years old.

Ingredients: 18cm diameter stainless steel bowl (height of 7cm)

Basic Génoise Cake
Recipe ID: 1404712
A) Water
1/2 cup
A) Sugar
20 g
A) Rum
1 Tbsp
B) Heavy cream
1 cup
B) Sugar
15 g
Any decorations that you want to use
Strawberries (etc.)


1. In the stainless steel bowl mentioned above, coat the sides and bottom with butter and dust with bread flour (not listed in ingredients).
2. Prepare and bake the sponge cake from Recipe ID: 1404712. Once it's cooled down, remove the cake from the mold and slice it horizontally into thirds.
3. If you're worried about removing the cake from the mold, feel free to line the bowl with a thin belt of parchment paper (etc.) before baking to ease the removal.
4. This is what I used to get the cake out of the mold. With this, I was able to get it out with minimal tearing to the sides and underside.
5. Take all the ingredients in group A and combine them to make a syrup. Now generously cover the cake layers with said syrup using the tip of a brush. Skip the underside of the layer that's going to be on the bottom.
6. Next, take the ingredients in group B and mix them. After mixing, spread the frosting on the tops of the layers. Now decorate the tops with sliced strawberries.
7. Spread the heavy cream over the strawberries to cover them. Layer on 1 sheet of sponge cake.
8. Keep stacking the layers on top of each other until your cake looks like this.
9. Now, make sure to smooth out the uneven sides to prepare for decorating.
10. After that, cover the whole cake with the heavy cream.
11. From here on out, you can design the cake as you please. I arranged the sliced strawberries around the base.
12. After stacking another layer of sliced strawberries around the cake to make two levels, I placed thin chocolate discs in a ring above them.
13. This time I used chocolate that I made myself. My child requested that they wanted chocolate discs, so I made my own.
14. On top, arrange the sliced strawberries in the form of a flower bouquet.
15. Next, on the chocolate discs, draw with some melted milk chocolate. Faces and flowers are what I drew.
16. Don't forget to write happy birthday on a few of them. You don't want to cause an argument!
17. And it's finished I very generously used two small packs of strawberries.
18. With the leftover cream, you can fill the crevices between the strawberries. If you don't, it just creates a more simple cake which I feel is just perfectly fine.
19. When you cut it, this is what it should look like. I made this cake three years ago with four layers, but as I think about the balance between the strawberries and the sponge cake, it's best made with three layers only.

Story Behind this Recipe

I created this cake for my second child’s birthday this year. In order to fulfill my child's request, I was planning to use an abundant amount of strawberries and chocolate discs (sort of). One idea behind this cake is that it’s a family cake, so why not have fun and make it an extravagant one?