Onion and Bacon Gyoza Dumplings

Onion and Bacon Gyoza Dumplings

These gyoza dumpings are easy, and you can make them in no time.
No ground meat is used. The main part of the filing is onion.
This is great as a drinking appetizer.

Ingredients: I made 14 this time. (Make as many as you like.)

Gyoza skins
Bacon (or ham)
To taste
Melting type cheese (of your choice)
To taste
Salt and pepper
To taste


1. Finely chop the onion and bacon. I used the bacon shown in the photo this time. You can also use ham instead.
2. Put the chopped ingredients in a bowl, and add some cheese.
3. Wrap in gyoza skins. The filling is crumbly and rather hard to wrap.
4. I made 14. Wrap the gyoza in any form you like. Make sure to seal them closed, or the cheese will melt right out of them when you cook them.
5. Cook as you would regular gyoza dumplings. Don't crowd the frying pan, or they'll stick to each other and won't be crispy.
6. Eat the crispy dumplings while piping hot. I think I should have pan fried this batch a bit longer.

Story Behind this Recipe

I try using various gyoza fillings. This one was delicious.