My Simple Butter-Free Waffles

My Simple Butter-Free Waffles

This is an easy-to-follow waffle recipe that doesn't require any proofing or rising. It's healthy because it uses no butter. They can be made quickly, so you'll be eating them all the time.

Ingredients: 8 waffles

☆Bread (strong) flour
170 g
40-50 g
☆Almond flour
30 g
☆Baking powder
5 g
160 ml
Vanilla oil
a small amount
Vegetable oil to grease the waffle maker
a small amount
Pearl sugar or waffle sugar, granulated sugar etc.
to taste


1. Sift the ☆ ingredients and set aside.
2. Mix the egg, milk, and vanilla oil in a bowl with a whisk. Gently add in Step 1 and mix.
3. When it looks like the picture, it should be fine. While preheating the waffle maker, lightly grease it with vegetable oil using a paper towel.
4. Pour about half a ladleful of batter onto the waffle maker. Try to pour it as close as possible to the middle of each waffle-square.
5. Sprinkle the pearl sugar (or granulated sugar, etc) on top of the batter, and then close the lid.
6. They will be done after 4-5 minutes. (The top picture shows them without sugar.)

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to be able to make waffles even when I don't have a lot of time, so I came up with this recipe.
It's the second recipe in my waffle series.