Rolled-up Eggs for Bento

Rolled-up Eggs for Bento

You only need to roll-up thin omelettes with ham. Enjoy these colorful omelettes in your bento!

Ingredients: 1 serving

to taste
2 slices


1. Beat the egg in a bowl and season with a small amount of shiro-dashi.
2. Heat some oil in a frying pan and cook out thin omelettes. Spread over cutting board covered with plastic wrap.
3. Top with ham and roll-up from the edge. Here, I used salami sausage.
4. Fold-in with the plastic wrap, and twist the open ends. Tuck the folded ends underneath the eggs, and set aside until cool.
5. Here's how it looks when it's cut.
6. Here's the bento.
7. I made a different variation using ham and sliced cheese, which I put in the bento for sports day.

Story Behind this Recipe

For my daughter's first field trip! I used salami sausage and the pink came out very nicely.