Easy, Delicious Tomato Chicken Curry

Easy, Delicious Tomato Chicken Curry

A curry popular with both boys and girls. It's easy to make, delicious and a little stylish.

Ingredients: 2~3 servings

Chicken thigh meat
200-300 g
2-3 (depends on the size)
Canned tomatoes
1/2 can
Soup stock cubes
1 cube
Curry roux
1/4 pack
(Curry powder is also ok)
as needed
a small amount
a small amount
a little


1. Preparation: Cut the chicken into easy to eat pieces. Rub in some salt and pepper and coat with sake. Dice the onions.
2. In a frying pan, heat some vegetable oil then add in the chicken, skin side down. Cook until the chicken changes color. Mix with a wooden spatula, and lightly pour oil on the surface.
3. Add the onions, canned tomatoes, and soup stock cubes to the frying pan. (I used 2 and a half medium onions here.)
4. Mix in 200ml of water and cover the pan. Cook on medium to low heat until the onions are soft. About 15~20 minutes...
5. Check the water level as it cooks, adding more as needed. Once it becomes soft, add in the curry roux, or curry powder.
6. Stir until the curry roux dissolves over low heat.
7. Once the curry roux is mixed in, it's finished. Enjoy next to a mound of rice. The curry sauce is rather thick.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was at my parents house, my mother made a tomato curry she'd seen on a cooking show.
My tomato curry is an easier version of that one she used.
It's my partner's favorite.