Tempura Crumbs and Sakura Shrimp Rice Balls

Tempura Crumbs and Sakura Shrimp Rice Balls

We made these colorful rice balls from pantry items in our house.
Tempura crumbs add bulk. If you need a side-dish, you'll be happy with these rice balls.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Plain cooked rice
150 g
Tempura crumbs
1 tablespoon
Sakura shrimp - tiny dried shrimp
1/2 tablesppon
3 g
Green shiso leaves
2-3 leaves
Bonito flakes
1-2 g
Sesame seeds
to taste


1. Cut the shiso into thin strips. Mix all ingredients with warm rice.
2. Finished.

Story Behind this Recipe

From my childhood, this we put these rice balls in my lunch box for school trips or sports events - happy memories. Even now, this is my favorite combination, I often put it in my husband's lunch box.