How to Prepare Isaki (grunt)

How to Prepare Isaki (grunt)

The skin on the isaki is soft. So enjoy it with the skin and the healthy fats underneath. Pour hot water on the seasonal isaki and serve with ponzu sauce. Great with drinks.


isaki (grunt)
1/2 fish
ponzu sauce・momiji oroshi (spicy grated daikon radish)
as needed (according to the amount of inarizushi)
Onion and green onions for decoration
to taste


1. Remove the innards, gills and scales.
2. Cut off the head from the fin area.
3. Fillet the fish into 3 pieces. I have posted the details for how to do this in the Megina edition, so please use it for reference.
4. Remove the backbone. The meat won't come off if you place your index finger and middle finger along the bone as you use a fish bone extractor to pull it out.
5. Have the skin facing up and place a tightly wrung out cloth or kitchen paper on top.
6. Have ice water ready. Pour hot water over the isaki from Step 5. The skin of isaki will curl up as shown in this photo, and immediately place the fish in ice water.
7. When it has cooled down, take the fish out immediately to remove moisture.
8. Carefully remove moisture by using a paper towel. Slice the fish, as if sharpening a knife, into any thickness you'd like.
9. I recommend something like a sliced onion to serve on the side because it's refreshing. Serve by having the skin facing up.

Story Behind this Recipe

Seasonal Isaki is good as sashimi too. Since the skin is tender, there is no need to remove it and we can enjoy it with the healthy fats underneath.