Prepare fish without a Deba knife!

Prepare fish without a Deba knife!

You don't need a Deba knife.
Prepare sashimi with seasonal Yellow striped butterfish.
It's easy to prepare as long as you learn which part of the knife to use.


Yellow striped butterfish
Or other small fish such as horse mackerel.


1. After removing gills and guts, clean the bloody part of backbone where my finger is. This will remove the fishy smell.
2. Remove the scales and get ready with a knife you have at home. Make sure to sharpen your knife first.
3. Chop the head off by placing the knife from the side of pectoral fin. Use the heel of the knife and press with the your palm to break off the backbone.
4. Insert the knife from where the head was and cut along the backbone. (This style is supposedly called Daimyo Oroshi)
5. Do the same to other half! Make sure you can feel the bone with the edge of the knife.
6. Use the tip of the knife to remove rib bones.
7. There are pin bones between where my thumb and index finger are. Carefully debone with a pair of tweezers.
8. Use your index finger and middle finger to hold down the fish and avoid breaking up the fish!
9. The photo is dark, but here I am removing the skin.
10. Cut into sashimi pieces it and serve on a plate.
11. Clean the knife and cutting board every time. You can prepare sashimi without fishy smell.

Story Behind this Recipe

A butcher knife for small fish, or all-purpose kitchen knife will work, too!