Ready In A Jiffy!! Saataa Andaagii! (Okinawan donuts)

Ready In A Jiffy!! Saataa Andaagii! (Okinawan donuts)

You only need 3 ingredients! Measuring them out is so easy! You can make these right away! If you have 30 minutes or so, you can do it! And they're so yummy too!

Ingredients: 15 bite sized donuts. To try − .

1 cup
Frying oil
as needed
I used a 200 ml measuring cup


1. Use 1 cup of cake flour. Just like this!
2. Use 1/3 cups of sugar. This is fine. If you like sweet things, you can add a bit more.
3. Mix the flour and sugar together.
4. Beat the egg. If you do this in the measuring cup you can cut down on the washing.
5. Add the beaten egg all at once into the mixed flour and sugar! Mix it up vigorously.
6. The dough will become very sticky, but just keep mixing it. I recommend using your hands.
7. When rolling the dough into bite sized pieces, I recommend wetting your hands with water first. If you oil your hands the dough gets really sticky, and it's harder to roll.
8. Roll the dough into bite sized balls (about 2 to 3 cm I think) and fry them slowly in 160 °C oil.
9. When you fry the donuts slowly at a low temperature, they will split open. That's the most important part! Now they are done.
10. These are very simple and plain, so you can vary them in many ways. I recommend dark brown sugar!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat these right away!! I made them while thinking back to the ones I had a long time ago!
I made these as an experiment using a standard ingredient ratio, but they were such a big hit I immediately tripled the amounts. Those disappeared in no time too.