Macrobiotic Kiriboshi Shredded Daikon Tea

Macrobiotic Kiriboshi Shredded Daikon Tea

Recommended for those concerned with their body fat levels!
A sweet and gold-colored tea.

Ingredients: whatever is easy to make

Kiriboshi daikon - dried shredded daikon radish
1/2 cup
2 1/2 cups (500 ml)


1. Carefully untangle the kiriboshi daikon. This helps the flavor to come out. You don't have to wash it, but this concerns you, wash it.
2. Pour water into a pot, add the daikon, and slowly bring to a boil on low heat. It'll take about 10 minutes.
3. Once it's boiling and small bubbles form, reduce to low heat, cover with a lid, and simmer for about 20 minutes. Don't let it boil over.
4. Strain in a sieve, etc. and it's complete! This time I made about 250 ml. Enjoy it warm or at room temperature.
5. Cook the leftover kiriboshi daikon as another dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a typical dish for a macrobiotic diet.
It helps burn off old accumulated fat (especially animal fats) from your internal organs.
It causes some pretty strong diuresis, so drink only one cup at a time.
If you like the taste, you can enjoy it every day, but try to avoid drinking for prolonged periods.