So Refreshing! Fragrant Banana and Orange Chiffon Cake

So Refreshing! Fragrant Banana and Orange Chiffon Cake

This chiffon cake is the most popular cake, both within my family and when I give it to someone as a gift! Enjoy the wonderful combination of rich banana and freshing orange!

Ingredients: 17 cm chiffon cake mold

A. Cake flour
85 g
A. Baking powder
1/2 teaspoon
A. Salt
one pinch
Orange peel
a small amount
1 medium
Egg yolk
55 g
Vegetable oil
50 g
Orange juice
40 g
B. Egg whites
B. Lemon juice or salt
a small amount


1. Prepare the ingredients.
2. Mash up the banana into a paste, and cover in lemon juice (not listed). Squeeze out the indicated amount of juice from the orange, and grate a bit of the skin.
3. Combine the A ingredients and sift together. Preheat the oven to 180°C
4. Add a bit of lemon juice or salt to the egg white bowl. Add in the remaining sugar over 2~3 turns and complete the meringue. Refrigerate until it's needed.
5. Put half of the sugar in the egg yolk bowl, place into a hot water bath, and whip until it thickens.
6. Add the banana and grated orange peel to Step 5, then add in the vegetable oil and fruit juice alternately, mixing well each time.
7. Add the sifted A ingredients to Step 5, and mix until it's no longer floury.
8. Add 1/3 of the meringue from Step 7 to Step 6, and stir well.
9. Roughly mix the remaining meringue without crushing the bubbles.
10. Pour into the mold, and drop the mold several times onto a counter to remove the air pockets.
11. Bake for 40 minutes in a 170°C preheated oven.
12. Flip the cake upside down after baking. Stick it onto a bottle to cool.
13. After it has cooled, place into a plastic bag or simila., and let it cool down completely. I leave it like this for a whole day. You'll be amazed by how moist it is the next day!
14. Use whatever method you prefer to take the cake out of the mold. It feels so good when it plops out!
15. It's so fluffy!. The banana and orange chiffon cake is delicious enough without any cream. It goes together perfectly with tea.
16. If you wrap each piece up and tie with a ribbon, then it looks really fancy. You can give it as a present too.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love banana chiffon cake! I also love orange peel chiffon cake!
So, what about banana AND orange? I mixed them together, and the results were so refreshing! The fresh aroma of the peel turned this into a superb chiffon cake that I can eat over and over again.