Mascarpone & Vegetable Risotto

Mascarpone & Vegetable Risotto

A mascarpone and vegetable risotto.
You can use yogurt and heavy cream mixed together and strained in place of mascarpone.

Ingredients: serves 10

Risotto rice or Japanese short-grain rice
1 kg
250 g
Homemade Mascarpone Recipe ID: 841291
☆ Natural yogurt
500 g
☆ Heavy cream (not low-fat)
300 ml
Zucchini (or substitute with another vegetable)
Green bell pepper
Red bell pepper or carrot
Button mushrooms
Skim milk powder or white wine
400 ml
Consommé bouillon cubes for broth
1 L
Black pepper
to taste
Olive oil
1 tablespoon


1. Bring water to a boil in a pot. Make the bouillon broth and keep it warm. Finely chop the vegetables. Add olive oil to a deep pot and cook the finely-minced onion.
2. Add the rice to stir fry. Then the vegetables, followed by the broth a little at a time. Simmer for a while, and once the vegetables have been cooked through, add the skim milk powder dissolved in water.
3. Add the mascarpone, mix well, and take off the heat. Taste and if it's not salty enough, add salt. Transfer to a serving plate, and serve with black pepper.
4. Using white wine instead of skim milk is delicious. I made it for kids this time so I took out the white wine, but it was still delicious.
5. if you want to make a mascarpone substitute, use 500 g of natural yogurt and 300 ml of heavy cream. Mix well and strain overnight.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had this in Italy as a side dish. I wanted to make it so I came up with this recipe. The risotto that my friend served up at her home was better than anything I've had in restaurants. I arranged the recipe using vegetables and skim milk.