Nostalgic Pickled Cucumbers

Nostalgic Pickled Cucumbers

When I was a student and had a very small repertoire of recipes, this was what I kept making.


As needed (to draw moisture out of the cucumbers)
Soy sauce
about 3 tablespoons
a small amount
Sesame oil
about 2 teaspoons
1 dried red chili pepper, optional


1. Slice the cucumbers about 2 cm thick. Sprinkle evenly with salt to draw out the moisture, and put into a plastic container or ziplock bag.
2. Drain off the moisture after 30 minutes. Mix with soy sauce, ra-yu and sesame oil. (Adjust the amounts to taste!)
3. It will be mildly spicy at this point, so if you want it spicier add the dried chili pepper, de-seeded and ripped up. (If you add the seeds it will become spicy!)
4. Cover the cucumber with plastic wrap and put a weight on top. If you use a plate, you can put other items in the refrigerator on top of it to act as additional weights.
5. Leave to rest in the refrigerator overnight before serving.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I used to live alone, I ate cucumbers all the time since they were cheap and I loved them. This is one of those recipes. I'm rather nostalgic for those days, when my friends and I used to eat meals together.