Italian-Style Eggplant and Tomatoes in 5 Minutes in the Microwave

Italian-Style Eggplant and Tomatoes in 5 Minutes in the Microwave

Ready in 5 minutes! No dishes to wash! The combination of melt-in-your-mouth eggplant, rich-tasting soy sauce and cheese with tangy tomatoes is irresistible.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Eggplant (small Japanese type)
1 small
Cheese (for pizza or any melting type)
1 handful (as much as you like)
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
● Olive oil (for flavoring)
1/2-1 teaspoon (to taste)
● Garlic
1 clove (can be garlic paste or garlic powder)
a small amount (to taste)


1. These are all the ingredients you need!! Thinly slice the garlic or grate it.
2. Cut the eggplant into bite-sized pieces, put it in a microwave-safe container (I used a ceramic container!) Coat it with the ● ingredients, wrap in plastic wrap, and microwave for 3 minutes!
3. Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes into pieces that are a little smaller than the size of the eggplant pieces.
4. Once the eggplant is done cooking, top with the tomatoes, sprinkle with cheese and microwave for another 2 minutes!
5. When the microwave beeps, take the container out of the microwave, drizzle on the soy sauce, sprinkle with a small amount of pepper and it is done!! So fast!!
6. The eggplant melts in you mouth. The tomatoes are nice and juicy. The rich flavor of the cheese and soy sauce are irresistible.
7. Our family's olive oil has garlic marinated in it. If you have garlic soaked oil, you don't need the garlic!
8. To make garlic oil, just soak a generous amount of garlic in olive oil I add basil leaves, too. It is a very handy condiment.

Story Behind this Recipe

My goal was to make a dish as fast as I could.