Super Easy Italian Bread

Super Easy Italian Bread

You don't need to knead the dough.
Just leave it!
You will be totally surprised with this really delicious Italian bread.

Ingredients: Manageable amounts

●Cake flour
250 g
●Dry yeast
3 g
3 g
●Sugar (or soft light brown sugar)
3 g
Lukewarm water
225 ml


1. Put all the ● ingredients in a large bowl and mix together really well.
2. Add the lukewarm water (about 40℃) all at once to Step 1, and mix together.
3. Cover the bowl from Step 2 with cling film, and let the dough rest in the fridge until it's risen (about 2 to 3 hours). This photo shows how the dough looks after 2 to 3 hours. You can leave it to rest at room temperature as well.
4. Line a baking tray with parchment paper, place the dough onto it and shape to your liking. (I shaped it long and thin.) This dough is quite soft.
5. Bake in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes at 200 ℃, and it's done. It will be flat when it's baked. It'll turn out taller if you bake it in a baking tin.
6. The outside is crispy the inside is soft and chewy when it's freshly baked. If you lightly toast it, it's exquisite.
7. I made this one with 100 g of whole wheat flour and 150 g of cake flour. It's chewy, flavorful, and delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned this from my friend in Australia.
I altered the amounts of salt and flour for Japanese tastes, and changed the ingredients into manageable amounts.

You can make this really delicious Italian bread without kneading the dough.
You can make this bread even if you don't have a bread machine.