Chocolate Decorations

Chocolate Decorations

This recipe is for the spiral chocolate shown on the top of the cake in the top photo. I also introduce a variety of chocolate decorations.

Ingredients: What you will need:

White chocolate
About 1 bar (dissolved in a hot water bath)
Cake film
Using discount clear pockets
Rubber comb
You should be able to find them in home improvement stores (in the rubber section)
Rolling pin
Adhesive tape
When tempering:
I don't do this because it's too much of a hassle, but I added it for reference
Finely chopped chocolate
Melted in a hot water bath
Sweet chocolate temperature
first 45-50℃, then 27℃, then 31-32℃
White chocolate temperature
first 40-42℃, then27℃, then 30℃
Caution: this is for handling hardened chocolate
Tweezers (the decorations melt quickly)


1. You can find rubber combs (plastic and metal combs don't bend so I don't use them) in the rubber section of a home improvement store.
2. Tape together some finely cut cake film with adhesive tape as shown in the photo, melt the chocolate, and run the comb through it.
3. To make a tornado: I wrap the tape around a rolling pin and stock it in the freezer to speed up the process. To make a wave: I use pens, and secure the film with adhesive tape, and stick it the freezer.
4. To make chocolate leaves: Rinse ivy or rose leaves, blot dry, and use the back side of the leaves. Thickly coat the leaves with the melted chocolate and place in the freezer.
5. Pull the stems of the leaves off using a pair of tweezers, once the chocolate hardens. I used my finger to make swirls in the photo in Step 4.
6. Make cornets, place the melted chocolate inside, fold the top, and cut off the tip. Draw whatever pictures you like onto parchment paper.
7. I drew some wings shown in the background of the photo, but hearts are also cute. Store in a plastic container. Spread them onto parchment paper, and store in the freezer.

Story Behind this Recipe

Here is a detailed recipe for making chocolate swirls. You can buy rubber combs in the rubber section at home improvement stores.
These decorations are cheap and convenient.