Microwaved Authentic Custard Cream

Microwaved Authentic Custard Cream

A rich custard cream, made easily in the microwave.

Ingredients: per 1 egg

Egg yolk
20 g
Cake flour
10 g
100 - 125 ml
Vanilla beans
2 cm
(Vanilla extract)
(a small amount)


1. Add the egg yolk and sugar to a heat resistant bowl and beat with a whisk.
2. Sift in the cake flour though a tea strainer and continue to mix.
3. Add the milk a little at a time and expand. If you're using vanilla beans add them here.
4. If you're going to use this in pastries, or mix in bread, use a little bit of milk. If you're going to use as-is in cream puffs, add slightly more milk.
5. Microwave for 1 minute, then remove and mix with a around and around with the whisk.
6. Heat again. Observe carefully. If the sides fluff up, remove and mix vigorously with the whisk.
7. Allow it to become creamy with the remaining heat, or microwave again for an additional 20 seconds (to get rid of the floury feel). If you're using vanilla extract, add it here last and mix once.
8. Once finished, wrap the cream up directly and chill. Cooling results in a stiffer cream.
9. These are the cream puffs I made in the microwave. I mixed in cream. It was smooth and delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

Can be made in one bowl seamlessly and simply, without fail.