No Kneading Required!! Corn Kernel Bread

No Kneading Required!! Corn Kernel Bread

The crust is crispy. The crumb is light and fluffy! The sweetness of the corn kernels is delicious in this easy, no-knead bread. Make a big, hearty loaf!


Bread (strong) flour
100 g
Cake flour
50 g
50 g
Lukewarm water
120 ml
1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
Canned corn kernels
60 to 100 g
Dry yeast
3 g
Olive oil
as needed
a pinch


1. Drain the canned corn kernels, and put on paper towels to draw off any excess moisture.
2. Dissolve the sugar and honey in the lukewarm water. Add the yeast and mix well. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes to proof.
3. Blend the bread flour, cake flour and coarsely ground cornmeal and add the salt.
4. Add the yeast liquid to the dry ingredients, and mix well for about a minute with cooking chopsticks.
5. Add the corn kernels that are pat dried well.
6. Put the dough in a plastic bag, press the air out completely and tie.
7. Leave for the 1st rising, for about 1 hour. Do this at room temperature in the summer. In the winter, place the bag of dough in a bowl sitting in a frying pan full of hot water.
8. When the plastic bag has puffed up and the bag is being pulled tight, take the dough out.
9. Round off the dough lightly, cover in a piece of floured plastic wrap and leave to rest for about 10 minutes.
10. Form the dough into an oval shaped loaf, on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
11. Leave for the 2nd rising. Cover with a tightly wrung out moistened kitchen towel until it has increased to about 1.5 times its original size. This should take 30 minutes to an hour.
12. Slash the tops, and drizzle a little olive oil into the cuts.
13. Place a cup full of water on the baking sheet. Mist the surface of the loaf with water.
14. Bake in a preheated 200 °C oven for 20 minutes. Adjust the baking time depending on your oven!
15. Make sure to dry off the corn kernels completely with 2 to 3 clean paper towels.
16. If the corn kernels are still moist on the surface, the dough will get wetter. If you think this might happen, you may want to reduce the amount of lukewarm water used by about 10 ml.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm really into no-knead bread. You can make this without kneading, so it requires very little effort!!