Homemade Apple Yeast

Homemade Apple Yeast

You can make homemade yeast from the peel and core of an apple.
Leave the fermentation up to the sunshine!

Ingredients: An easy-to-make amount

An airtight jar (sterilized by boiling)
Apple peel and core
1 apple's worth
Water (filtered water preferred)
200 g
Fermentation liquid (this will speed up fermentation)
1 teaspoon
Sugar (if fermentation is slow)
5 g
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1. Put the peel and core of an apple in the sterilized jar. This photo shows 3 apples' worth.
2. Add the water and fermentation liquid and lightly mix. You can also make this without the fermentation liquid, but adding it will help speed up the fermentation process.
3. Place the jar in a sunny spot near a window until it ferments. As long as it's warm, anywhere is fine.
4. Stir the contents of the jar once a day and open the lid to refresh the air. You will be able to hear fizzing once it starts to ferment.
5. Although it depends on the temperature, in 2 to 4 days, it should start to fizz. If the fermentation (fizzing) takes longer than 4 days, add sugar.
6. When the fermentation process is complete, strain the liquid and store in the refrigerator.

Story Behind this Recipe

At first, I used a whole apple to make yeast, but it seemed like a waste, so instead, I used the peel and core after eating the apple.