Fresh Turban Shell Sashimi

Fresh Turban Shell Sashimi

At the beach, I usually break the shell off with a hammer but this time I didn't have a hammer, so tried out a shelling method that I learned from a sushi master.


Fresh turban shell
as many as you like


1. The best opportunity for shelling the turban shell is when its "mouth"(shell door) is opened.
2. There's no need for a sharp knife. Since there is a risk of cutting yourself, even a butter knife will do I use a grapefruit knife.
3. The adductor muscle is attached to the inside of the thick part of the shell, so work the knife into that part to pry off the shell door.
4. The flesh will separate from the guts Here you have the flesh Insert your finger down into the shell and press on the adductor muscle to release the guts.
5. Remove the shell door from the flesh with a knife.
6. Cut off the red part (its mouth).
7. The color of the guts inside is different (as indicated by my finger). The next photo may show this more clearly. Only the green tip is edible.
8. The right side of the knife is the green part. The left part is brown.
9. Thinly slice the flesh from Step 6, and arrange it inside the shell for a fancy touch. I didn't have a chance to prepare any shiso leaves for the garnish, though.

Story Behind this Recipe

My mom brought me some sazae (turban shells) as a souvenir.
They're great cooked in their shells, but they're amazing raw.
Enjoy them as sashimi!