Versatile Tuna Soboro

Versatile Tuna Soboro

You can use this to top rice, stuff it in a rice ball, or serve it on a slice of toast.

Ingredients: 1 small storage container

Canned tuna
1 can
Mentsuyu (3x concentrate)
1/2 tablespoon
1/2 tablespoon


1. Put the canned tuna, juice and all, into a frying pan and cook. When the liquid is almost all evaporated, add the mentsuyu and mirin and continue to cook until the liquid has evaporated.
2. If making a tuna-mayonnaise nori roll, don't mix it together, but put the mayonnaise on first, then the tuna so that it is easier to wrap up. If you're making a rice ball, spread some on mayonnaise with the tuna.
3. This is a pasta made by mixing spinach and tuna soboro. Sprinkle black pepper on before eating.
4. Stuff rice --> tuna soboro --> rice into a glass dish or transparent cup, then flatten the top and garnish with thin sliced omelette and shrimp for a cup of chirashi sushi.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is an ingredient that I always have to hand.