Character Cake (Chocolate Decoration Plate) Kitty

Character Cake (Chocolate Decoration Plate) Kitty

Decorate birthday cakes with this. You don't need to be an artist, and kids will love it.

Ingredients: One bar

Strawberry flavored chocolate (77%)
This time About a half a bar
White Chocolate
This time About a half a bar
This time About a half a bar
Red food coloring
This time I didn't use it for the Kitty decoration plate
Pastry bag
Make it with a parchment paper


1. This image shows melting the chocolates in a double boiler. The pink color is (made by mixing the white chocolate and strawberry chocolate) The triangle in front is the pastry bag.
2. Hand-draw if you have an aptitude for drawing. If you aren't an artist, trace the image with a pencil on to a parchment paper. Trace over with Ink.
3. Flip the drawing and tape it to a tray. Pour melted chocolate into a pastry bag and draw the traced lines.
4. Chill it in the freezer to harden if it warm weather. Squeeze and fill in each color with the pastry bag. it's good to start with parts like edges and around the eyes.
5. Harden the chocolate in the fridge or freezer after filling in all the colors. I made the wings above with spare chocolate.
6. This image is after peeling away the parchment paper. Done!
7. This is a Deno chocolate decoration plate. Use a bamboo skewer dipped in chocolate to draw a detailed picture.
8. It looks like this when placed on a cake.
9. This is a hand drawn Ramu Chan.
10. This is a birthday chocolate decoration of Thomas the Train.
11. This is "Lupin" Character Chocolate decoration plate.

Story Behind this Recipe

Birthday cakes become too plain when strawberries are not in season! Everybody will be pleased with the chocolate decoration plate.