Soda and Fruit Jello Drops

Soda and Fruit Jello Drops

Your favorite fruits are enclosed in soda jello, and formed into round drops.

Ingredients: 6 pieces

200 ml
5 g
Fruit (strawberry, mikan orange etc., your preference)
as desired


1. Remove the skin and seeds from the fruit if necessary, and cut the larger fruit.
2. Spread about 20 cm of plastic wrap into the bottoms of round containers.
3. Divide the fruit from Step 1 evenly among the containers.
4. Sprinkle gelatin into 50 ml of water (not listed), and microwave for 30 seconds (at 500-600 W) to dissolve.
5. Add soda to a bowl, add Step 4, and mix well.
6. Pour into the containers from Step 3.
7. Twist the four corners of the plastic wrap together, and secure with a clip (or a rubber band). Chill the containers in the fridge for more than an hour.
8. Remove the plastic wrap, and arrange on a plate with mint leaves, etc. (not listed) if available.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of a recipe that combines the refreshing flavor of soda with seasonal ingredients.