Easy Strawberry Yogurt Mousse

Easy Strawberry Yogurt Mousse

Super easy! You only need a food processor!

Ingredients: 9 to 10 cups (90 ml)

1 basket
Plain yogurt (don't drain)
250 g
Heavy cream
50 g
Condensed milk (or sugar)
60 to 70 g
Powdered gelatin
1 pack (5 g)
Water (to soak the gelatin)
2 tablespoons
▲ Heavy cream
50 g
▲ Sugar
7 g
▲ Vanilla essence
1 to 2 drops


1. Soak and soften the powdered gelatin in 2 tablespoons of water.
2. Place the empty food processor bowl on a scale and measure its weight. Add yogurt, heavy cream, condensed milk, and measure the weight of the combined ingredients.
3. Microwave the gelatin to dissolve. Pour into the food processor bowl and blend vigorously.
4. Add all strawberries to the food processor bowl except for the ones you'll use for garnishing. (Remove their stems first.)
5. You want to keep some of the texture of the strawberries, so pulse the food processor. It should look like this.
6. Pour into containers and chill in the fridge to harden.
7. Whip the ▲ ingredients (heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla essence) and pipe onto the mousse. Decorate with strawberries. These are so cute and perfect for spring.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I mixed strawberries into my regular yogurt, it was delicious, so I thought I'd try making a recipe based around it.