Our Family Favorite Onigiri Rice Balls

Our Family Favorite Onigiri Rice Balls

Energize your busiest mornings with this onigiri! Enjoy the delicious and nutritious combination of shiso, umeboshi, cheese, and bonito flakes.

Ingredients: 8 medium-sized rice balls (begin with 270ml of uncooked rice (1 1/2 rice cooker cups

Hot cooked rice
1 1/2 cup (4 heaping bowlfuls)
Bonito flakes
1 package (3 g)
Soy sauce
1 scant tablespoon
2 large
Shiso leaves
Sliced (or processed) cheese
A pinch
Sesame seeds (optional)
1 teaspoon or so


1. Chop the umeboshi and shiso finely. Cut the sliced cheese into 1cm squares.
2. Combine bonito flakes with the soy sauce and mix well. Add all the other ingredients and mix together thoroughly.
3. Here's a variation coated with bonito flakes, inspired by a recipe (Recipe ID: 1503877) by user "Edamame-korosuke." This one's good too.

Story Behind this Recipe

My family loves the combination of shiso and cheese.