Cheap & Easy Vanilla Ice Cream

Cheap & Easy Vanilla Ice Cream

You can easily make this vanilla ice cream if you have eggs, sugar, whipped cream, a hand mixer and bowls. Served in paper cups, it's cheap but tasty.

Ingredients: 1 pack (200 ml) of whipped cream worth

☆ Egg whites
☆ Caster sugar
2 tablespoons
● Whipped cream (non-dairy)
200 ml
● White sugar
2 tablespoons
◎ Egg yolk
◎ Caster sugar
1 - 2 tablespoons
◎ Vanilla essence (vanilla extract)
a little


1. Prepare three bowls. With a hand mixer, whisk ☆ to a meringue, ● until soft peaks form, and mix ◎ together.
2. Add ● and ◎ to the ☆ meringue in that order, mixing on low speed with the hand mixer with each addition. Pour it into a Tupperware container, and freeze.
3. It's done when hardened. You don't need to stir it while it's in the freezer. No need to wash the hand mixer blades.
4. It's cheap and tasty, so you'll want to eat it all up! But you can also enjoy it in drinks or as a topping! Woo!
5. A brown sugar version. Use powdered brown sugar instead of white sugar. ☆ Add a teaspoon of rum. Enjoy on French toast. (Recipe ID: 855764)

Story Behind this Recipe

This homemade ice cream is made with affordable whipped cream, and is cheaper than buying a cup of ready-made ice cream! But more than that, it's delicious!!