Parmesan from Sliced Cheese

Parmesan from Sliced Cheese

Very easy to make, using the microwave. The delicious flavor in concentrated cheese is just like Parmesan cheese. And it's cheaper too!

Ingredients: makes about 1 bowl's worth

Sliced cheese (non-melting)
1 slice
Krazy salt (OK if you don't use)
less than a pinch


1. Cut your cheese slice into 6 pieces and place on a baking sheet. Be sure to leave plenty of space between each sheet.
2. Microwave on 500-600 W for 1 min 45 sec to 2 min 15 sec.
3. Once it's cooled and become crispy, use clean hands to crush into a powder. Or you can use a mill.
4. As spaghetti topping.
5. If it isn't crispy after cooling, try heating in 20 sec increments while checking on it.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of this when making cheese crackers in the microwave. I broke off a piece and tasted it, and it was the taste of Parmesan cheese. This is a life-saver for when I run out of Parmesan cheese.