Jiggly Coffee Jello

Jiggly Coffee Jello

I topped the coffee jelly with sweet milk jelly so that there's no need for syrup or sauce!
A perfect dessert for the upcoming hot season.

Ingredients: 5 cups

Coffee jelly:
Coffee (as liked)
600 ml
Sugar (as liked)
As needed
Easy melting gelatin
10 g
Milk jelly:
300 ml
4 tablespoons plus
Easy melting gelatin
5 g


1. Prepare regular coffee with the brand or kind of your choice. Brew it slightly strong - otherwise it may be too diluted.
2. I used easy melting gelatin that doesn't need soaking. You could also use kanten!
3. While the coffee is still warm, mix in the gelatin and sugar (if you'd like), and dissolve completely. Set aside until it's slightly cooled.
4. Transfer into cups and chill in the fridge.
5. While the coffee jelly is chilling, warm milk and combine with gelatin and sugar. Mix thoroughly to dissolve. Set aside until it slightly cools down.
6. Pour the milk jelly over the hardened coffee jelly... and chill again in the fridge.
7. Voila! Please mix the sweet milk jelly and slightly bitter coffee jelly, and enjoy!

Story Behind this Recipe

Don't you crave chilled desserts during the upcoming hot season.
I wanted to make coffee jelly for coffee lovers.