Sautéed Tofu with Lots of Mushrooms

Sautéed Tofu with Lots of Mushrooms

A scrumptious combination of sautéed tofu and soy sauce-flavored stir-fry mushrooms.

Ingredients: 1 block of tofu worth

Firm tofu
1 block
Enoki mushrooms
200 g
Shimeji mushrooms
50 g
Maitake mushrooms
50 g
You need about 300 g of the mushroom mix
2 slices
※ Dashi stock
50 ml
1 teaspoon
※Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
※ Sake
1/2 tablespoon
as needed
☆ Katakuriko
1 teaspoon
☆ Water
2 teaspoons
Salt and pepper
to taste
Vegetable oil
for frying


1. Drain the tofu well. Cut into 8 pieces.
2. Season with salt and pepper.
3. Prepare the mushrooms. Discard the root ends of the enoki mushrooms. Shred the shimeji mushrooms into small pieces. Cut the bacon into 1 cm pieces.
4. Heat a generous amount of vegetable oil in a frying pan. Coat the surface of the tofu pieces with flour. Pan-fry the tofu. When they are well done, transfer to a serving plate. Set aside.
5. Heat a little vegetable oil in the same frying pan. Fry the bacon and stir in the mushrooms to cook. In the meantime, mix together the ※ ingredients.
6. When the mushrooms are cooked through, add the ※ ingredients. Bring to a boil and reduce the heat. Add the ☆ katakuriko slurry to thicken the sauce.
7. Top the fried tofu with the mushroom and bacon sauce. Serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

Mushrooms should be consumed more often because of their high fiber content. I came up with this delicious and tasty recipe by combining the mushrooms with a good source of good protein, tofu.