Pancake Mix Steamed Sweet Potato Buns

Pancake Mix Steamed Sweet Potato Buns

Just mix cubes of sweet potato with pancake mix and steam in a frying pan.

Ingredients: 3 large buns

Pancake mix
1 bag (200 g)
Milk (powdered milk)
70 ml
Sweet potatoes


1. Dice the sweet potatoes (set some aside for the topping.)
2. Combine the pancake mix, egg and milk.
3. Add the sweet potato and mix.
4. Use a tea cup to make foil cups (or you can use foil cups.)
5. Pour the batter into the cups and sprinkle on the sweet potato you put aside for the topping.
6. Line them up in a frying pan and add a little water around them. Steam for 10 minutes and they're done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make bread for my daughter's breakfast, so I tried mixing in her favourite sweet potato and steaming it.