Italian Style Parchment-Wrapped Salmon

Italian Style Parchment-Wrapped Salmon

Try your standard foil-wrapped salmon Italian style! Wrap it in foil for a BBQ item.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Raw salmon
1 cut
a--White wine or sake
1 tablespoon
a--Olive oil
1 scant teaspoon
b--Sliced garlic
about 2 slices
b--Your choice of herbs (rosemary, basil, etc.)
2 5 cm rosemary stalks, 2 to 3 basil leaves
Your choice of mushrooms, bell peppers, etc.
to bake together with salmon
Salt and pepper
Balsamic vinegar
Parchment paper or aluminum foil
large enough to wrap the salmon


1. Season the salmon liberally with salt and pepper. Place the salmon on a piece of aluminum foil or parchment paper on a bed of the "a" ingredients, then top with the "b" ingredients.
2. Securely seal the aluminum foil or paper. I twisted the ends. Bake in an oven for 10 to 12 minutes at 430F/220C.
3. When it's done baking, squeeze a lemon over the top and bon appetit! Use your choice of vegetables to bake together with the salmon such as bell peppers or mushrooms.
4. Try it with some balsamic vinegar drizzled on top before serving.

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually bake cod in a Japanese style. I took a hint from that and made it Italian style. Try seasoning it with white wine or garlic.