Carbonara with Rich Cheese

Carbonara with Rich Cheese

This is a richly-flavoured carbonara that's a bit different from your usual kind. It's easy and delicious.

Ingredients: 2 servings

200 g
Heavy cream
200 ml
6 slices
8 pieces
Whole egg
a small amount
Black pepper
1 teaspoon
1 tablespoon


1. Add salt into plenty of boiling water, and cook the pasta. Please check the cooking time, because it varies depending on the pasta.
2. Cut the cheese into 1 cm cubes.
3. Cut the bacon into your desired width strips. Slice the onion thinly.
4. Heat up a pan and add the butter. Stir-fry the onion & the bacon, then let cool in the pan.
5. Pour the heavy cream into a large bowl, add salt, the cheese, eggs, black pepper, then mix well.
6. Add the freshly cooked pasta and the cooled onion & bacon mixture to the bowl. Mix well with the ingredients in the bowl.
7. Serve onto a plate and you're done! It would also be delicious with a soft-poached egg or egg yolk on top.

Story Behind this Recipe

I created this recipe because I had delicious cheese on hand.