Super Easy Milk-enriched White Bread

Super Easy Milk-enriched White Bread

A milk-enriched white bread from my series of super easy bread that does't require any kneading or pounding.

Ingredients: one pound cake tin (16cm long, 5 to 6cm tall - purchasable in a ¥100 store. Or, use a medium-sized paper pound liner)

Bread (strong) flour
150 g
10 g
Butter (melted butter)
10 g
Dried yeast
3 g
2.5 g


1. Combine milk and sugar. Microwave to warm slightly (about 35 to 40℃).
2. Melt the butter in a hot water bath or the microwave (10 to 20 seconds). Add to the mixture from step 1 and mix lightly.
3. When mixed, spread out the yeast. Let it soak for 1 minute.
4. After the yeast is soaked, mix everything up. Add the strong flour and salt. Use a spatula or a spoon to stir it up. Stir for 20 to 30 seconds.
5. Cover with plastic wrap. Use the dough rising setting of your oven (at 30 to 40℃) and let it rise for 30 minutes (first rising).
6. The size should double when the first rising is complete.
7. Mix the dough again and punch out the air.
8. Line your pound cake tin with parchment paper and pour in the dough. Smooth out the surface.
9. Here's how it looks like after it's poured into the pan. Let it rise again for 30 minutes at 30 to 40 minutes.
10. When the dough has risen almost to the height of the pan, bake in a 200℃ to 220℃ preheated oven.
11. When baking, add a pudding cup of hot water on the side of the pound tin. This prevents the bread from drying up and makes it nice and fluffy.
12. Bake for 20 minutes at 200℃ to 220℃. When done, drop the pan onto your work surface to remove air.
13. Remove from the pan. Also remove the parchment paper.
14. This milk-enriched bread is really fluffy inside.
15. Slice it nice and gently because it's so soft.
16. Enjoy it as it is, or toast to serve .

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this milk-enriched white bread using my super easy bread recipe that does't require any kneading or pounding.