Homemade Candied Hassaku Peel

Homemade Candied Hassaku Peel

These exquisite homemade candied peels are surprisingly easy to make. Now, don't throw out those peels!

Ingredients: 2 hassaku's worth

Hassaku peel
2 hassaku's worth
Granulated sugar
equivalent to the weight of the boiled peels
equivalent to the weight of the boiled peels
Granulated sugar for topping
a generous amount


1. After rinsing the peels, cut across vertically in the hassaku, remove the peel, then soak them in water overnight.
2. The following day, scrape off the white pith from the softened peels. Lightly remove only the part that comes off easily.
3. Put the peels in a pot, fill with enough water (not listed in the ingredients) to cover the peel, bring to a boil, and continue to boil for 15 minutes. Change the water, then repeat this Step 4 to 5 times.
4. Remove the peels, then slice them into 5-mm thicknesses.
5. Put the peels and add the equivalent weight of water and sugar, then heat on low.
6. This is what they should look like after simmering for about 15 minutes.
7. They should look like this after 30 minutes. A lot of the water has been cooked out.
8. Here's a close-up. Notice the translucency.
9. Spread them onto a tray full of granulated sugar, and coat evenly.
10. They should be sticky at first, but once they are well coated, the sugar will dry up and stop sticking.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make homemade candied peels, so I created my own recipe by referencing a variety of recipes and consolidating the best of each!