How to Cook Crispy and Juicy Gyoza Dumplings!

How to Cook Crispy and Juicy Gyoza Dumplings!

Using this cooking method, you can produce gyoza dumplings that are crispy on both sides, soft on the bottom, and juicy on the inside~! You can use the same method to cook freshly made or frozen gyoza as well!

Ingredients: Please adjust the amount of water and oil used according to the number of gyoza.

As needed (use only a little if using a Teflon pan)
As needed (I used 50ml this time for 5 gyoza)
Sesame oil
1 teaspoon
I used 5 this time (you can use freshly made or frozen gyoza)


1. Heat a pan over high heat. This part is important!
2. Add oil to to the heated pan, and reduce to medium-high heat.
3. Quickly dip the base of each gyoza in the oil, then line them up in the pan.
4. When lining up a large amount of gyoza, remove the pan from the heat, arrange the gyoza, put the pan back on the burner, and cook the gyoza evenly until they have browned nicely.
5. Once the gyoza are light brown on one side, as shown above in the photo, add the water, quickly cover, and turn the heat back up to high (The grease will splatter once you add the water, so be very careful!)
6. Steam the gyoza until the water completely evaporates. They won't crisp up if there is water remaining, so stay put until you can hear them sizzling!!
7. Remove the lid once the gyoza start sizzling and the water has completely evaporated, add in the sesame oil, and shake the pan back and forth (This is so the gyoza slides off the pan).
8. Arrange on a plate and serve! They will lose their crispy texture if you don't eat them while they are hot ~. They should be crispy, soft, and juicy at first bite.

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned this cooking method when I was working in a restaurant.