Our Family's Vanillezucker (Vanilla Sugar)

Our Family's Vanillezucker (Vanilla Sugar)

This “Vanillezucker” is a richly vanilla fragrant sugar. Store this useful item in your pantry and it would be great for making a variety of baked desserts.

Ingredients: 200 g

Beet sugar or another type of sugar of your choice
200 g
Vanilla beans
1 stick


1. Get the sugar ready in a mixing bowl. You could also use granulated sugar.
2. Scrape the vanilla beans out of its pod and mix in the sugar well, so that the beans spread out evenly.
3. When the beans are well blended, transfer into a jar and stick the vanilla pod into the sugar. Let sit for 2 to 3 days and it's ready to use.

Story Behind this Recipe

Normally I buy vanilla sugar, but this time I prepared it for myself using good quality sugar.