Sweet Potato and Apple Salad in 5 Minutes

Sweet Potato and Apple Salad in 5 Minutes

All you need to do is to microwave and mash the ingredients!
For breakfast, lunch, or roll it into a ball and put it in a bento box.

Ingredients: 3 little bowls

Sweet potato
the same amount of apple
10 g
Raisins (optional)
2 tablespoons


1. Cut the apple into 1 cm cubes, and cut the sweet potatoes into bite-sized pieces.
2. In a heatproof container, add the apple and sweet potato, and microwave for about 3-4 minutes. Once the ingredients are tender, add the butter and mash them. Add the raisins if desired.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's very easy to make and it's perfect for lunch for my child and I. It's a favorite within our family. I like to pack in our lunchboxes too.