Easy Sakura Inari Sushi for Bento

Easy Sakura Inari Sushi for Bento

This is a cute dish with a sakura fragrance that will really get you in the mood to see the cherry blossoms. It's such a simple recipe but it will make you feel proud of yourself and appeal to your girlish side.

Ingredients: 5 inarizushi

Cooked white rice
200 g
Sushi vinegar
as needed
Inari aburaage (store-bought)
Salt-preserved cherry blossoms


1. Add the sushi vinegar to the freshly cooked white rice along with 5 of the cherry blossoms, finely chopped and rinsed, and mix well.
2. Stuff this mixture into the inari abura-age and decorate with the remaining cherry blossoms.
3. It's better if you don't add any other fillings; that way you can get the full aroma of the sakura.
4. I recommend simple and delicious steamed sakura buns for dessert. You can find the recipe here: Recipe ID: 770411.
5. These "Dumplings Over Flowers! Ever-Soft Dumplings" are also delicious (Recipe ID: 770443).
6. This is a bento that will get you in the mood for viewing the cherry blossoms even at work or school.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make something simple for my bento.