Simple Egg-Free Whole Wheat Cookies

Simple Egg-Free Whole Wheat Cookies

Just mix the ingredients and bake. Since this recipe uses only whole wheat flour, it is has a very nutty taste and crunchy texture.

Ingredients: 1 baking tray

Whole wheat flour
120 g
Soft light brown sugar
50 g
Vegetable oil
40 g
30-40 ml


1. Preheat the oven to 180℃.
2. Put the bowl on a scale and weigh in the ingredients as you add them. Mix together gently until you can gather the dough into a ball.
3. Stir the mixture from Step 2 whilst adding a little water at a time. Once the mixture is moist, turn it out onto a surface and roll it out to about 5 mm thick.
4. Cut with your choice of cookie cutters.
5. Bake on the top shelf of the oven at 180℃ for 15-17 minutes.

Story Behind this Recipe

These are similar to the cookies I made in kindergarten, except they used beet sugar.
Try making them with your choice of sugar. I've always liked whole wheat cookies, but they taste especially delicious when they are this crunchy. I'm addicted to their texture.