Bread Crust French Toast

Bread Crust French Toast

Your bread crust will turn into an amazing dessert that would make normal regular French toast pale in comparison!!
My mother used to make this as a snack for me when I was small!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Bread crusts
from 4 slices of toast (sliced from an 8-slice square loaf)
Whole egg
Milk (soy milk)
50 ml
Raisins (or dried fruits)
As needed
As needed


1. The recipe is for 4 slices of bread worth of crusts, but if the bread has hardened, you can use the entire slice!
2. Dice into cubes like this.
3. Add egg and milk, and mix well. Set aside for about 10 minutes to let the crusts absorb the egg mixture well.
4. While the bread is macerating, chop dried fruits into small bite-sized pieces! Chunky jam might also work, but I definitely recommend adding dried fruit.
5. Mix everything together! Leave the bread alone, until the mixture is soaked up and makes the crusts moist!
6. I wanted it to look square like a slice of toast, so I used a frying pan for Japanese-style omelets.
7. Heat slowly over low heat, cooking each side for 5 minutes. Cover the pan if possible!
8. Heat both sides until golden brown, and serve! Enjoy with your favorite syrup or honey!!

Story Behind this Recipe

Sometimes you don't know what to do with bread crusts but this French toast is absolutely heavenly! I love this dish... even more than regular french toast!!