Flower Viewing Mochi Dumplings

Flower Viewing Mochi Dumplings

This recipe adds tofu to the white shiratamako so they'll still be nice and soft even after a night of refrigeration! You can easily make sakura-an and koshi-an dango with this satisfying recipe!

Ingredients: 7

Silken tofu
Shiro-an (sweet white bean paste)
Pickled cherry blossom
Koshi-an (strained bean paste)
Half a teaspoon
Natural food coloring
As needed


1. Put the shiratamako and tofu in a bowl and knead together.
2. Half the dough from Step 1 into two portions. Dissolve the matcha in half a teaspoon of water and add to one half, then add food coloring in the other for pink and green dough.
3. Roll each half of the batter into 7 dango.
4. Wash the pickled cherry blossom to get rid of excess salt. Finely chop up the cherry blossom and add to the shiro-an.
5. Wrap the shiro-an mix in the pink colored dough.
6. Wrap the koshi-an in the matcha dough.
7. Boil the dango.
8. Leave the dango boiling for another 2 minutes once they float to the top. Once they're done cooking, cool in ice water and then drain.
9. Skew in toothpics or a skewer. You can also coat in kinako if you like.
10. I've also posted another great recipe for the cherry blossom viewing season "Super fluffy steamed bread Cherry blossom and matcha version" (Recipe ID: 770411).

Story Behind this Recipe

I made these because I wanted to make dango perfect for cherry blossom viewing.