Steamed Bread with Cherry Blossom and Green Tea

Steamed Bread with Cherry Blossom and Green Tea

You can make this easily even though it tastes like a high-end Japanese sweet. This will be moist and fluffy even the next day. I'm proud of this recipe.

Ingredients: 6 ramekins (7 cm)

Cake flour
100 g
Baking powder
1 teaspoon
40 g
Vegetable oil
2 tablespoons
100 ml
2 teaspoons
Smooth sweet red bean paste
6 teaspoons
Salted cherry blossoms


1. Pour milk into the matcha. Add little by little to dissolve the powder so that it doesn't clump. Add sugar and vegetable oil.
2. Sift flour and baking powder into the mixture and mix.
3. Put cupcake liners (about 7 cm in diameter) in ramekins and pour small amount of the mixture. Put the red bean paste on top.
4. Pour the remaining mixture over it. Soak the salted cherry blossoms in water for a while to de-salt. Put the blossoms as topping.
5. Steam for 10 minutes over the high heat.
6. Why don't you put the bread in a box like this for cherry-blossom-viewing? This is much more delicious than a store-bought one!
7. I created a variation of this recipe. "Steamed Bread with Cherry Blossom" (Recipe ID: 770391).

Story Behind this Recipe

I love making steamed bread because it's so tasty.