Roasted Meat Hamburger

Roasted Meat Hamburger

Kids loves this. It is also good for obento lunch box.

Ingredients: For 4 small pieces

Combined ground beef and pork
100 g
●Minced (new) onion
2 tablespoons
● Panko
2 tablespoons
●Water ( Milk )
1 tablespoon
● Flour
1 teaspoon
As needed
As needed
Yakiniku sauce (bottled)
2 tablespoons


1. Add salt and pepper to the ground meat and mix it well, then add all ● ingredients and mix some more.
2. Divide it into 4 pieces and let the middle part sink in a little and put mayonnaise in the middle like in the picture.
3. Then sprinkle some flour on and fry it in a frying pan with oil. Fry the side with the mayonnaise first with middle fire ( to have a nice brown color )
4. Turn it and fry the other side and then add some sake (or water ) and steam fry it.
5. Add some yakiniku sauce when it's cooked, it's ready.
6. For children's lunch plate
7. For daddy's obento lunch box

Story Behind this Recipe

Kids love these kind of cold dishes.