Bamboo Shoot Miso Soup

Bamboo Shoot Miso Soup

Try it when the bamboo shoots are in season.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Boiled bamboo shoot
about 100 g
Wakame seaweed
as needed
Green onions
as needed
about 3 tablespoons
Granulated dashi stock
1 scant teaspoon


1. Cut the bamboo shoot into bite-sized pieces.
2. Add water to a pot and cook the bamboo shoots.
3. Since the bamboo shoots are already cooked, it just needs to be warmed up. When hot, add the dashi base and turn off the heat then dissolve the miso into the soup.
4. Add the wakame and sliced green onions.
5. I made it with Kosan bamboo shoots

Story Behind this Recipe

Bamboo shoot miso soup is great when they are in season.