Sunflower Shaped Wiener Sausages

Sunflower Shaped Wiener Sausages

I recommend to make deep slits into the sausage for a better end result.
It'll make your packed lunch cute and colorful.

Ingredients: For 2 sausage sunflowers

Wiener sausages
Vegetable oil
As needed


1. Cut a sausage vertically in half. Cut off the ends of the other sausage like the picture to use for the middle part.
2. Make multiple vertical slits along the outer curve of the sausage (see photo). Make lattice cuts in the other sausage for the inside of the sunflower.
3. Deep fry in oil.
4. Wrap the long sausage around the small one to shape a sunflower.

Story Behind this Recipe

The first time I made this was for my kindergartner daughter.
You just need two sausages to make this and it's a great filler in a packed lunch.